Las Vegas, Baby!

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Big thanks to Kay for sharing this amazing view with us from the 36th floor of the Cosmopolitan!

If you have me on Facebook, you will know that on my first day down in Vegas, I wrote an entire blog post only to have WordPress crap out on me while I was trying to save it. Lesson learned here: type everything in Notes first.

So here, we go: my first (and only – sorry, it’s a long one) “official” post about my trip to beautiful Las Vegas! Continue reading

One + Four = Life: new job, new baby, easter weekend

I have decided to take on the One + Four = Lifeā€¬ picture challenge by Pip over at Meet Me At Mike’s. Check out her post here for the deets, but the basic idea is to show your life in four pictures per week.

I’m hoping to start doing this as a weekly post on the blog, but it’s been a long frigging week, and I’m too lazy boot up my crappy laptop (can you sense my frustration with my antiquated technology? Oh, it’s there!), so an Insta post will have to do. (Obvs, this is a re-post from my Instagram account.)

OneFourLife1 | Continue reading

think about the yesterdays

So I didn’t have the best day at work today (or yesterday). To combat the havoc that it is wreaking on my self-esteem, I’m going to do a little reminiscent re-cap of the weekend, and put the blahs of Monday and Tuesday behind me.

The past weekend was great for local events in Peterborough, and I was lucky to have gotten the chance to take some of them in. There were festivals of all kinds: literary, music, food; there was live music, theatre, and markets; there was sunshine. Continue reading