believe in the impossible

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This week’s Tell All Tuesday is actually a rave review for a young adult/ future children’s classic book that I read over the weekend. I normally don’t go for lighthearted, easy reads, but when I saw the cover of this book – complete with a Paris skyline – I couldn’t resist. Thankfully so, because this is probably going to be my favourite read of 2015.  Continue reading


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Hearts: they’re important. Construction paper cut-outs and sparkly diamond pendants say, “I love you.” In the depths of your chest, you can feel your heart flutter with a first kiss. You can feel it break and ache with loss. Hearts feel things. It’s weird to think that not only do they have the stress of manifesting all these emotions, they also have the responsibility of keeping us alive.  Continue reading

advice for the heartbroken

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Today’s Tell All Tuesday post is for the struggling. It’s for those who are currently fighting to find their way and feel like they are at the bottom of the cyclical rotation of life. I’m not a guru on this kind of thing, but I have lived through many ups and downs… I’ll tell you a little bit about it and what got me through.
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