water. life. love

As I was relaxing in a hot bubble bath tonight, I realized how much both life and love are like water. I suppose, in a way, life is water. We’re sustained by it, the earth relies on it, the majority of our body mass is made up of it.

In the same sense, you could argue that life is love. Without love, there is no purpose, there is no continuance, there is no future.

But aside from that, what other features of water are shared with life and love? I’ll tell you what I was contemplating as I laid back in my hot bath, being enveloped with sweet smelling bubbles and the words of John Mayer, Casey Abrams and Jason Mraz…

Life, love and water can be all-consuming. Every inch of you body can feel them: the ease, the ecstasy, or the pain of them. What can feel so good in moment can turn to terror the next; leaving you gasping for air, struggling to reach the surface, drowning.


What’s different about water is that it cannot save you from itself. Only the absence of water can save you when you’re drowning. Life and love are not like this. The absence of them will never be the answer. You can save your life with love, you can grow your love the more you share your life.

When you are feeling the suffocation of life or love, the remedy is always more. More, more and more. This doesn’t mean more of the same, and that’s the beautiful thing about life: water may always be water, but not all love is the same and every decision changes the path of your life.


So lay back and relax in soft waves of life and love. And know that you get to choose whether you succumb to the fate of the water when it gets rough or take back your power from its confines.

You can pursue a life and love that does not restrict you, but rather builds the blocks out of the water so you can seek comfort and safety while the storm passes.