the significance of hair colour and what I had for dinner

Here’s the thing. When something is happening in my life (either good or bad), I always have to do something with my hair. Sometimes I go get it dyed, sometimes I cut it myself, sometimes I over-pluck my eyebrows, sometimes… well, you get the point.

When my mum was in the hospital after an operation and I was only 5 years old, my dad came home to find me with a scuba-diving mask on. Not because I was going to go swimming, but because I had cut my bangs off to the quick and was trying to hide it from him. It was the day before picture day.

When I graduated University, I again took to the scissors and cut my bangs off into a choppy, short mess that I absolutely loved and felt liberated by. It went better than when I was in Junior Kindergarten. My new hair cut made me feel sexier. I could party harder. And maybe I could even drink more… Ok, I know, my hair cut couldn’t make me drink more. But I probably did anyways.

When I went quit my job last year and went to Europe, I again gave up my long luscious locks to become a faux-ginger with a bob. Not only for practical reasons, like it requiring so much less maintenance to go from hostel bed to hitting the road in under 10 minutes, but also because I was going to Ireland and wanted to fit in. Hey! I have legitimate Irish-roots, ok? And really, it was just an incredibly huge turning point in my life that it required a drastic change.

Yesterday, I went and got my hair done again. Not just because my grays were starting to show. Not just because it’s autumn and I always feel like a seasonal change. And not just because when I curl my hair and have an asymmetrical cut it kind of looks funny. But because as I’ve gotten older, life seems to change so rapidly that it feels like every four months I’m on a completely new path. Fall is already here, and I am settling into a new job, a new relationship, a new life, and a new season. I am feeling so grateful and content. Vibrant purple, dark brown, and violet have replaced the red, blonde and copper. The hair from the past year has been covered up, almost erased, as I keep moving ahead and embracing my fresh start.

Tonight I did so many things that I enjoy. I made a good meal (see my post for Baked Tortellini with Spinach and Curry-Basil Pumpkin Sauce here), I danced around by myself, I drank crappy wine (that’s all I had), I spent some time formatting my blogs… I just enjoyed the time I had to myself for myself, if that makes sense at all. If you get what I mean, you should do it too. It feels so great!