80 days until Christmas

Who can even believe how fast this year has gone, and how different things are from one year to the next?

Think about it. Where were you last year at this time? How much has changed since then? Maybe you got new job, lost/made a friend, battled an illness, recovered from a broken heart, graduated school, made a big move. No matter who you are, or what you’ve done, a great deal happens in a mere 365 days.

Thinking about the remainder of the year there is so much that I want to accomplish, but I’m fearful at how quickly the days blur into nothingness. In just one week, it will be Thanksgiving. A week after that, a huge national conference that my work hosts. A few weeks after that: Remembrance Day. Wham, bam, boom, and then we’re already at Christmas. Then the New Year. Then my 27th Birthday.

Oh my god. I’m turning 27.

I’m not going to think about that.

What I am going to think about is The List. The things that I was to do, see, and experience in the next three months. This, of course, take special care, so I can’t share The List with you right now. But don’t you fret, it’s coming soon.

What would you include on your Bucket List?