la vie est amis et le bon repas

Unfortunately, with me not writing as much as I should/wish that I would, I end up missing telling you about some exciting things that I’ve been up to.

I’ll start off with a tiny update about work, because my job isn’t necessarily glamorous, but I have gotten to do some cool things, like hang out at a Doors Open event at a hydropower facility, wine tours, and most recently helping host a national waterpower conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Our venue was the White Oaks Resort, which is a beautiful place with friendly staff and awesome food. I think the most amazing thing I ate there was called a “flourless chocolate Armageddon.” It was so delicious that I think if I were around the area, I would pop into LIV restaurant just for one of those (‘cuz honestly, it’s too expensive for me to eat an entire meal there).

My next little adventure was with Sean to relax and explore Toronto the last weekend of October. We had so much fun! We went to the new aquarium, and I got to touch the horseshoe crabs and baby sharks. Sean got to complain about how too many things looked dead. We went to the ROM and toured the Mesopotamia exhibit. We wandered the streets of Toronto. My feet got blisters and I didn’t even whine about it. Sean had the best milkshake I’ve ever had in my life (great how that works, eh?) at Fran’s Diner. Key lime pie, omg! It was just a really great little getaway that was much needed.

Then it was Halloween. I dressed up as a bee during the day and at night I was a ladybug.

Then it was a random Friday night and Sean shocked and appeased me by trying chicken shawarma.

Ok, ok, I know. You’re wondering why the title of this post is in French. Who really knows if it says what I want it to correctly. Maybe you do, but not this girl. What it hopefully says is “Life is friends and a good meal.” This is because I channelled my inner Julia Child on the weekend and cooked a French-themed dinner for some friends.

I was worried. “Oh my god, I’ve never made puff pastry before” “What if it all turns out to be crap?” “Maybe that salmon mould pan was just decorative…”

Alas, I had no reason to worry. After the fire alarm going off only once (that’s just how I roll when I’m in the kitchen), I served up a pretty good meal. The salmon turned out awesome, mini quiche weren’t my fave, but they did the trick, green beans were precisely that, and the mushroom au gratin wasn’t too shabby either. Once I get the recipes up over at wallFlour crEATions, I’ll link it up for you here.

I also tried a new card game called Kittens in the Blender which is disgustingly delightful, and I need to own it.

My next post will be on my winter bucket list. Ya, ya, I said months ago that I was going to think about it. Well, I have been thinking about it… I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. What about you? Any special things on your list as the snow starts to fly outside?