all I want for Christmas

Some things have come down the pipe that I was expecting, but not so soon.

After working really hard at getting myself out of the debt that my ex left me with, I have received that final fatal blow: he is three months behind in car payments, a car that I co-signed for, and it’s been sent to collections.

I know this Christmas is going to be absolutely incomparable to last. Although I have gotten this bad news, and it’s something that I’m probably going to have to be saddled with financially for years to come, I have an amazing family, and people that love me more than I know.

I was excited that this year I could finally get back to my normal gift-giving self; spoil the people that I love so much and that have gotten me through the worst year of my life. But alas, with this looming dark cloud over me, that will unfortunately not be the case. Read between the lines people: you’re getting nothing from me for Christmas. Cards and little gifts maybe, but lavish-Marie has to be back-burnered for yet another season.

And with that said, here is my “All I want for Christmas” list, for those who know they’re barely getting anything from me, but are still in the giving spirit:

  • to be back in control of my own finances and credit
  • to have the wrath of God working in my favour
  • a trip to the dentist
  • skates
  • fake eyelashes of all sorts
  • red wine
  • vintage Pyrex mixing bowls
  • Starbucks gift cards

and most importantly:

  • lots of time to spend with the people I love
  • oh, and cookies, lot of homemade Christmas cookies

On the grandiose wishlist:

  • to win at least $35,000 in order to settle my newly-claimed debts
  • to feel fulfilled and satisfied with my job
  • to move away from Peterborough
  • to go on an adventure
  • world peace (or in other words, world economic stability)

Now that that’s out of the way, here is my Holiday/Winter Bucket List

Sometimes life finds us in difficult situations. How often are you grateful for the lessons you’ve learned and the trials you’ve faced? I think everyone should take a moment of reflection to be thankful not only for the good times, but also for the bad.

Here’s what my brother said when I was whining to him about my life and my problems this morning: “Sometimes you need to turn your focus from all the things you’ve done wrong and how you turned out to be such a piece of shit person, and focus on the things you’ve done right.”

There you have it, the not-so-elegant, but oh-so-true advice from one of my favourite men in my life.

Hope you’re gearing up for the holiday season; Christmas is only 32 days away!