So, we’re all  two-and-a-half weeks into the new year, and I’m just about two weeks into my life as a twenty-seven year old. How’s the fresh new page feeling for everyone? Are you back to your old routines yet? Those same bad habits, the same ways of thinking, eating the cake instead of the fruit, skipping the gym date yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow? Hey, we’ve all been there. I’d argue that we’re all always kind of there. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

The week of my birthday was actually pretty emotional for me. I had had a great Christmas, some time off of work, a wonderful weekend of Birthday celebrations surrounded by people I love, and a great piece (or two) of banana chocolate cake. It was perfect. Blissful. Heart-warming. But then Monday came.

Monday was my Birthday.

Monday was a work day.

Monday was a bad day. 

Do you sometimes feel invisible? Do you have regrets? Do you wonder how you got to the place you are: whether that’s questioning your career, your workplace, your relationships, everything about yourself? Do you drive to work wondering if you’re going to turn into a gambling addict and spend your entire paycheque on lottery tickets, with hopes that you might just win someday and have enough to get you out of the mess of a life you’re in? Not that I’ve ever pondered that, I’ve just.. ermmmm.. heard of people that have.

So here I was, a few days into being twenty-seven, feeling unaccomplished, unimportant, thinking about my odds at Lotto Max, driving to work listening to the Morning Show on Energy 99.7 and praying that today would be the day they play Starships to lift my spirits.

I didn’t get Starships that morning, but what I did get was exactly what I needed (although I would argue that everyone needs a little Nicki Minaj in their life). I heard from Courtney Druce, a 25 year-old honorary co-chair for Pink in the Rink, and 4 time cancer surviour. What an absolute inspiration. Despite the struggles she’s had to face, her positivity and outlook on life put mine to shame. I couldn’t help but sit in the parking lot and cry. I cried for the battles that she has been through, and also for the selfish attitude that I had been harbouring for so long.

I am most certainly not trivializing my problems or anybody else’s. We all have issues, roadblocks and struggles in life, and everyone’s are different. But what we all need to realize is that, no matter what we’re going through, there is always something to be thankful for.

Since that morning, I have changed my perspective. I realized that I can decide to do my best everyday, if for nobody else to recognize it besides myself. I decided to make my life better – I started tracking my workouts (and actually doing them!) and figuring out my finances. I may not be able to change where I am today, but I can certainly change how I feel about it, and work towards making tomorrow better.

Want to learn more about Courtney? Go check out her blog at