dancing hearts

Happy post-Valentine’s Day wishes to you all, and I hope that you’re enjoying your Family Day long weekend (for my Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan friends). How did you celebrate love this weekend?

As much as I envy the ‘holiday’ (I use that term loosely), I really do appreciate the idea of it. And what a perfect time for it to fall with Family Day this year; a time to celebrate those around you – the family you were given and the family that you choose.

Yes, corporations make LOOOOOADS of money off of those buying cards, chocolates, ugly stuffed bears that nobody really ever wants to keep, expensive dinners at fancy restaurants, roses, candles, engagement rings, whip cream… the list is endless.

But I love love. I love the pink and red. I love the hearts everywhere. I love planning something special. I love celebrating this awesome man that I was lucky enough to find. Even though every day should be a celebration (and it is), it is nice to have one day that you can go all out and have everything you do say BAM! – I love you.

So what did I do for Valentine’s Day? Here is a summary:

Of course, I dressed in a new pink dress, wore fake eyelashes and did arts and crafts.

“With passion pray. With passion make love.

With passion eat and drink and dance and play.

Why swim like a dead fish in this ocean of love?”

Rumi (1207-1273)

I made a spaghetti pizza pie, fought with an old-school NES system (and lost), explored my inner psyche and was reminded once again of what a caring, protective and understanding man I have in my life.

I received gifts of tea and chocolate.

I served breakfast in bed. And I snuggled with my cat.

I feel so blessed and lucky and thankful and a little overwhelmed when I think about where I was this time last year. It will be a year ago tomorrow that I started my life’s transformation; when I finally decided to break away and get back in control of myself and my future.

I am proud of who I am. I’m proud of the life that I’m creating and the future that lies before me. For the first time in a long time, I’m proud of the man that I’m with. And I know I sound like a broken record, but I will be eternally grateful for my friends and family that supported me through all the madness, and all the pain that lead me to today.

So what if Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday and Family Day is just a gift from the government to make us believe that they care about our work-life balance and core family values. These days are what you make them, just like every other day of your life. So enjoy it! Share the love.