late night blogs

I read this week that your best writing happens within 30 minutes of waking up because your cortisol levels are the highest then. My apologies, loyal readers, but I never seem to get down to blogging business until I’m almost ready for bed. And tonight, it feels even more Late Night because my lungs seem to be filling up rapidly (curse you Bronchial issues!) and I had a fun, busy, albeit ill, long weekend.

And because it was fun and busy, I just had to share the highlights with you!

We made the trek to Ottawa via Kingston so I could get my Pan Chancho’s Bakery fix. As much as I wanted to load up on pain au chocolat, croissants and everything delicious, I had to stick with the basics (and the budget). We successfully made it out with only a loaf of sourdough for Sunday’s breakfast, a roasted red pepper and feta focaccia bun, and a chocolate chip cookie.

The weekend was spent hanging with DT&G, toddler cuddling, eating pizza, listening to Excursions on Pet Rock Radio, watching kids cartoons, wandering around Ottawa suburbia, and the Canada Science & Technology Museum, and just having a low-key family weekend.

I can now say that I’ve watched an episode (or five) of Dora, and that I know what the Bubble Guppies are.

Pretty sure the best part of my entire weekend was that I was called “Auntie Marie” for the first time ever! This is worth celebrating. I’ve been waiting a really long time for that, and I was worried that it was never going to happen. What a wonderful feeling…

Some other highlights from the week include:

Wednesday April 8 was Rex Manning Day. In celebration, I made cupcakes and Sean gave me a shout-out on Excursions of “Say No  More, Mon Amour.”

More importantly (but don’t tell other hardcore Empire Records fans that I said that), April 8th was also the one year anniversary of Sean and I meeting. Also, today is the one year anniversary of our first date. Awwww 🙂

Finally, I made a recipe for amazing Overnight Peaches and Cream French Toast that you absolutely must try. Ok, so it may increase your chances of heart attack and diabetes by a few hundred percent. But it is soooo yummy. Definitely worth it every once in a while. Check it out the recipe here by Real Mom Kitchen. The first time I made it, I whipped up the vanilla whipped cream topping – the second time I omitted it because I found it sweet enough on it’s own, but hey, whatever you prefer!


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