christmas countdown

The older I get, the more stealthy Christmas becomes – creeping up like a ninja in the night. Then, BAM! It’s all over.

There are only a mere 9 days left until Christmas. You know, the “nine ladies dancing” day? Well, this lady isn’t quite dancing in the end-zone yet. Although my anxiety over online shopping packages not arriving before Christmas has subsided (three of four shipments have been delivered!), I’m still lagging behind on the shopping list, with both time and pennies running low.

Not only is time feeling pressed for gift-buying, but also for all those Christmas-y things that I always plan on doing, and would LOVE to do, but never seem to get around to. The baking! The decorating! The donating! The feast planning! For the love of Santa…

This season is such a stressor.

How are your holiday preparations going? Stressful or relaxed?

I decided that “‘Tis The Season” for me to take some holidays, and booked off the entire week next week! This will give me a few days for last-minute shopping, and time for writing, reading, tea sipping, pyjama wearing, hanging out with my mum, afternoon movies, and RELAXING!

I did have a bunch of things that I wanted to get done tonight. This week I’m hosting a cheeseboard dinner night, and a work Secret Santa lunch that I still have to shop for. I have Christmas cards to write. I have (a few) gifts that are ready for wrapping. But before getting to any of that, I decided to finally make my 2014-15 Winter Bucketlist (I’m such a procrastinator!).

Winter Bucketlist 14 15

What do you have on your Winter Bucketlist? Do you have any suggestions of things I should add to my list?





2 thoughts on “christmas countdown”

  1. We’re trying a new thing called “embrace winter” this year. Yeah…it’s been a while since I’ve accepted that winter’s going to come and I can’t stay inside for half the year. A toddler doesn’t want to watch movies and drink tea all day (not sure why).


    1. I know what you mean, Deb. Whenever the winter season rolls around, I tell myself, “This year, is going to be different. This year, I’m going to love it!” I have grandiose plans of skating, snowboarding, sledding, snow-man making, snow-shoeing – all the things that would make the winter enjoyable – but my big problem is follow through. I have a snowboard perched in the corner of my bedroom that can attest to that. I bought it at least 10 years ago and have never used it!

      Sending you Merry Wishes of a season filled with snowy fun!


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