welcome 2015!

It is a fresh new year, guys! Are you excited? Even though every day moment is a chance to start something new, make a resolution or change direction, the beginning of a new calendar year lends itself to be a great catalyst for making big plans and setting goals to accomplish.

What’s on your list? Are you all pumped to lose 10 pounds, go on a trip, quit smoking, start a new career? Although they say that only 8% of people keep their resolutions, I wish for you a year of absolute success.

2015 Goals

Here is my list for the year:

  1. Fix my finances
  2. Read more
  3. Successfully complete a 28 Day Jump Start Challenge, and once I prove to myself that I can do that (third time’s a charm, right?), do the Fitkini Body Challenge (hopefully before summer arrives!)
  4. Make a move
  5. Meditate more
  6. Travel somewhere I’ve never been (Vegaaaaaas!!)
  7. Take a risk
  8. Donate more
  9. Get better at doing laundry – this includes putting it away
  10. Eat some things that I’m missing from the 100 Food List Challenge (head cheese, oxtail soup, sweetbreads)
  11. Finish a knitting project, for real life
  12. Gym at least twice a week
  13. Declutter the apartment and clear out unwanted material goods

Are you setting any resolutions this year? Have any tips on how to keep on track to stay motivated?

Good luck to you all and have a fabulously wonderful 2015!



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