food bucket list #1

Ok guys, I have my first update from my 2015 Bucket List, and it’s got to do with food. You know how I said a few weeks ago that I wanted to try some more foods on the 100 Food List Challenge that I’m missing? Well, I did!!…. kind of.

Last week, my dad and I went out for lunch and I introduced him to the awesomeness that is Sam’s Place. Because life is always better when you have a fantastic sandwich. Although I typically go for my fave pannini, the Belle (olive tapenade, cream cheese, hot Genoa, oh my!), the daily special caught my eye! It was called the French Kiss: corned beef tongue with roasted red pepper relish, red onion and garlic ailoi.

If you’re well versed on the 100 Food List Challenge, you might be saying, “But Marie, cow tongue isn’t even on there!” And to you, I say, “Whatever.”  Not only was I super proud of myself for trying it, I was also pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it!

The texture of beef tongue was nothing like what I expected. I braced myself for something tough and chewy, but alas, it was far from that! When I was describing it to others later that day, I related it to Spam. Not that I actually know what Spam is like (maybe I should add that to my list of things to try this year), but I imagine it being really soft, almost creamy  – nothing like most cuts of meat that you would typically find on a sandwich.

I must confess, I did not get a foodie pic of my sandwich. Being with my dad, I try to spare him my obsession with technology. But next time (yes, I would happily have a “next time”), I will be sure to take one!

Bon appétit… or rather, étrange appétit!


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