a day of skiing and Young Living

Yesterday, I received my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, since I signed up to be an independent distributor on an awesome team of Mom Bloggers and, errrm… Non-Mom Bloggers? I am so excited to learn more about these great products, incorporate them into my own life so that I’m happier and healthier, and share my experience with others! (Wanna learn more or join the team? Click here!)


Today, I had the perfect reason to crack open my kit and try out a few products. I spent the afternoon cross-country skiing, and it’s the first time I have been on a pair of skis in almost a decade!

In 3 hours, we skied over 10 km on beautiful trails at Kawartha Nordic Ski Club. The mid-way point offered a cozy refuge from the snow by way of Tanney Cabin. Here, we enjoyed warming up (and drying off!) by the woodstove, and snacking on a lunch of charcuterie, cheese, and chocolate.

Let me tell you, by the time we got back to the parking lot, I was exhausted! For someone who has spent the winter curled up on the couch, and the majority of the past few years sitting at a desk, this was a big accomplishment. I was sweaty, cold, and tired, but my endorphins were pumping and I was proud of what I had done.

When I got home, I knew I needed to try out a few of my new essential oils. My feet were blistered, and these legs of mine…oh goodness, they were already sore!


The first thing that I did was have a nice long soak in the tub. To help ease my muscles, I mixed 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 5 drops of lavender, and poured it into my bath water.

This was the most relaxing bath I’ve had in a really long time. Sure, I didn’t have my phone in there with me, like I usually do, and that certainly helped make it more tranquil. I have made a conscious decision that going forward, my baths are going to be a time for me to disconnect and unwind. Just one more thing I can do to improve my mental health.

But the smell of lavender was definitely relaxing. The olive oil made my skin feel so soft, and after spending a good 15 minutes soaking, I made sure to spend time massaging my thighs, calves, and feet, with hopes that it would make for a better tomorrow.

After drying off, the next essential oil that I reached for was Purification. This blend has a prominent scent of citronella, but also contains lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavandin, and myrtle. It’s prefect for making rooms, laundry and dogs smell fresh, but I also learned from Elizabeth Walling over at The Nourished Life that it is great for skin care, including easing blisters – which is exactly what I needed it for!  I dabbed a few drops on to my heal, and will be sure to apply it a few times a day until it’s healed.

I am super pumped about delving into the world of essential oils! If you want to learn more, or want to get your hands on some for yourself, click here, or let me know, and I’ll hook you up!



2 thoughts on “a day of skiing and Young Living”

    1. I am definitely in the Non-Mom blogger category of our team. I aspire to be a travel blogger (which is what I save my pennies for) and a mom blogger (when that day finally comes). Either way, we do have a great group of creative, talented people! My go-to oil is lavender… I should really order some Melaleuca Alternifolia and give it a shot though!


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