One + Four = Life: milestones all around

Seriously, spring is in the air, and that means it’s time for sharing epic milestone moments with loved ones. That’s what this week was all about:OneFourLife2 |

1) Cupcakes: For those of you who aren’t up on the 90’s cult classic Empire Records, you would have no idea that Wednesday was Rex Manning Day (or what that even means). If this is the case, shame. I got to celebrate by eating cupcakes that Sean brought me 🙂

2) Baby E: My friend’s little man is growing fast, as all little ones seem to do. I’ve been thankful to have so many new babies come into my life these past few months, and they’re prefect for cuddling. He was no exception, a snuggly bundle of joy that I was so happy to finally meet.

3) Stand-Up: Sean’s last stand-up comedy show for the season at Trent was on Friday, and it was actually two years ago on Rex Manning Day that I met him at a comedy show! I can’t explain how lucky I feel to have such a funny, caring, loving man in my life.

4) Breakfast: I went with Sean’ family to Toronto this weekend to attend a wedding reception for a family friend. The venue was beautiful! The Gladstone Hotel was a perfect backdrop to the vintage-themed party. The food was delicious – everything from the portobello sliders, cheese pizza, and oysters served during the event, to the amazing jerk chicken tacos that I had for breakfast.

Do you have any important milestones coming up to celebrate? Tell me about it! Better yet, start sharing your own One + Four = Life posts over at Meet Me At Mike’s.




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