One + Four = Life: spectacles, cuddles, books and baileys

Spectacles, Cuddles, Books and Baileys | alltheamusement.comThis week, especially this weekend, I got to spend a lot of time with lovely people! That is precisely why this post is a day late.

Saturday, I went for a long power walk with Amy from Prowess Strength and Conditioning, since I was the only one who showed up for our team’s Community Care Kms For Care training session. It was so great! Not only did I get to enjoy the fabulous springtime weather, but got to know more of Amy’s story, which is fascinating and inspiring!

Saturday night was spent cooking from my current fave cookbook Thug Kitchen with my most favourite vegetarian girlfriend. We made the Black Bean Tortas with Chipotle “Mayo” and it was soooo yummy (and I was sent home with the leftovers!)

Then, Sunday night, I got to catch up with C & G and hear about their recent West Caribbean adventures aboard the Emerald Princess, all while feasting on a spread of goodness from Real Thai Cuisine. The night was rounded off with a few games of Pandemic, another great board game that on our list of must-owns now (they have so many, and I am incredible envious of their collection!).

But of course, I’m a jerk, and rarely pull out my camera to capture special times with others, so none of my four pictures feature the delights of food or camaraderie.

Here is what I did capture though:

1) Spectacles – Sean and I went shopping for new glasses… unfortunately, not for me. Once the dollars start rolling in, then I’ll think about updating my face accessories. In the meantime, he’s ready for a new pair! After getting a new prescription, we went on the hunt. I find glasses shopping so fun. I really wish that I worked in the optical industry so I could get mad discounts. If I did, I’m pretty sure I would have a different pair for each week, at least!

2) Cat Cuddles – having more time at home during the day now allows me to enjoy extra cuddle time with my furry Mister. Isn’t he handsome?

3) Books – I am doing a 30 Day Spring Declutter Challenge that you can read more about over at So Fawned Lifestyles. This picture is from April 17, where 17 things had to make their way into the To-Go Pile. Obviously, I attacked my bookcase. This isn’t even all of them that didn’t make the cut. I’m really assessing each  book I own and saying to myself (sometimes out loud – don’t judge me.) “Do I really need to own this to be happy?” I’m considering building a Little Free Library so people in my neighbourhood can enjoy these books, and hopefully replenish the library with some books that I want to read!

4) Baileys – I came across a few books that I put at the top of my To-Read pile, like The Photograph by Penelope Lively. It’s a book that I remember really enjoying, and that I want to read one last time before giving it away. I find it really interesting re-reading books from my past because I was a lit-junkie and often times wrote or highlighted things in my books. I love to see what intrigued me years ago. I spent a few wonderful hours this week in solitude, soaking up the sun, drinking Baileys and ice coffee, reading.

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