One + Four = Life: celebrations, shoes & baby lotion


This was week was a blast, and was filled with a bunch of ‘firsts’ for me.onefourlife3 |

1) Flowers – Did you know that Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day? For the first time ever, I was on the ball and realized that it was here before it had come and gone. I found a cute bouquet of flowers (sans carnations, because I know my boss hates them) and was able to say “Thanks!” to the most hard-working and dedicated person I’ve ever worked with!

2) Birkenstocks (I need a pedicure) – I picked up a pair of Papillio’s from Grady’s Feet Essentials this week, and this is the first time ever I was able to get ones that have a fancy design on them! Typically, I’m stuck with just brown or blue because my feet are so small, and usually stores only get a few of the “designer-style” ones in my size per season. Not only did this make my day, but I’m pretty sure my excitement made the salesperson’s day, too!

3) Race Team – I did my first 5K today! Granted, I didn’t run it, or even jog (doing so was against race etiquette), but I was on the Prowess Strength & Conditioning walking team and had so much fun! Our team was made up entirely of people that I have connected with from the Peterborough Twitter community. I am proud of myself for not only deciding to do this and following through with it, but also for having the courage to get out of my comfort zone and take it on without roping another friend or family member in to do it with me. I now have a renewed sense of confidence that I can train to do better, and I have solidified friendships with some really amazing people!

4) Crampy Baby Lotion – My girlfriend has a new little man that has been diagnosed with colic. With hopes to help his digestive track so that him and mama can get some rest, I mixed up a little lotion for her to try out. My fingers are crossed that it works, even just a little bit. I’ll post the DIY on the blog once I get some feedback.

Hope you all had a great week, and were able to add a few ‘firsts’ to your lists, too!



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