One + Four = Life : Cats, Community, and RawSpiceBar


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The only word that I can really sum up the past week with is “magical.” From Sunday to Sunday, it has almost been surreal. I’ve gotten to spend time with so many wonderful people, felt more a part of the community than I ever have before, and got a special foodie delivery in the mail! 

1) Cats – I get the feeling I should have a “cat feature” on every one of my One + Four = Life posts! This week, it was all about a local production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats musical. As I shared on Tuesday, I won free tickets from ChexDaily for their invite-only preview show. My mum and I went and thoroughly enjoyed it! The costumers were fantastic and I was really impressed with the local talent showcased. We especially fell in love with Rum Tum Tugger and his “Hound Dog” hip-shaking! A tip-of-the-hat to the Peterborough Theatre Guild for another great production as they inch closer to celebrating a quarter century of entertaining.

2) Paintings – I really do love how flexible my schedule, and was reminded of this when I got to go to the first #YWCABeanUp! What a great way to celebrate community, the arts, and the seaon opening of the Silverbean Cafe. I was lucky enough to finally meet (in-person) the talented Brianna Gosselin and watch her paint live! Not only that, I got to catch up with some friends, and met some new lovely people. The amazing time I had there definitely outweighed the $15 parking ticket that I got for being 15 minutes late getting back to my car 🙂

3) RawSpiceBar – At the beginning of March, I signed up to receive six months of spice boxes from RawSpiceBar. For just $6 a month, they deliver 3-4 small-batch, premium spice blends, along with information about the sourced region and accompanying recipes to inspire new kitchen creations. There was a little bit of a delay with my March order (sorry Canada Post, but here’s lookin’ at you), but on Monday, I found BOTH March and April packages in my mailbox! I’ll post the magic that they help create once get cooking with them, but I do know that a delicious Persian meal and Japanese meal are in my future!

4) Farmer’s Market – Saturday was the first outdoor Peterborough Farmer’s Market of the year, and the weather couldn’t have been better. Dressed in a lovely floral frock, and (surprisingly) accompanied by my Mister, we had a nice early-morning stroll through the vendors, and got some great grub. My vegetable haul consisted of baby turnips, beets, carrots and a cabbage, but what I was most blown away with was the cold salad plate that I picked up from Fresh Urban Plate (make sure your turn down your volume if you visit the site – it almost gave me a heart attack when music started playing). I got a container piled high with Mango & Soba Noodle Salad, Thai Red Rice Salad, and Kimchi. This needs to become a Saturday ritual for me because I loved it so much!. Seriously, if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one meal, this would be it!

Did you have a surprisingly wonderful week? Tell me about it! Better yet, start sharing your own One + Four = Life posts over at Meet Me At Mike’s.



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