One + Four = Life: Sunshine

one-four-life-love-and-celebrations | alltheamsuement.comAfter such a hectic week, I find it hard to believe that it was just Victoria Day on Monday! With starting a new job, celebrating friendship and love, and working to get used to my new life, the week has flown by! Here’s what it looked like:

1) Sunrise on Bloor – On Monday, it was an early rise after a wonderful evening of conversation, dinner and bottles of red wine with a dearest friend in Toronto. Although we did the responsible thing and read the street parking sign where I was parked before heading in for the night, we read it thinking that the next day was Sunday, not Monday. Instead of not having to pay for parking until 1pm, I was in a no-parking zone from 7-9am. Thankfully, my internal circadian clock didn’t care that it was a holiday Monday and I was awake at 6am, and was on the road long before Toronto Parking Enforcement had a chance to bestow on me a lovely $65 fine. Toronto is so beautiful first thing in the morning, before the city has had a chance to fully resume its frantic pace (and it makes driving a breeze!)

2) Me and My Man – This week, we celebrated our two year anniversary. A lot has happened in the past few years, and I have been lucky enough to have this man stick by me, support me, give me strength, and love me unconditionally.

3) Cafe Workstation – I started a new job this week and have the best work situation I could have ever dreamt of. This little set-up was my Friday morning office space at Silver Bean Cafe. I had a view of the river, a delicious cappuccino, fresh air and sunshine. I got to be around for the last YWCA Bean-Up event, where the talented Silvia Ferrari was painting a masterpiece, and was surrounded by lovely people. An impromptu work meeting even happened! I’m so happy to finally feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be – whether it’s at the office, on my couch, or at a cafe – I’m going to shine!

4) Pride and Prejudice – As a congratulatory gift to myself for starting my new job, I went out and bought a replacement copy of my favourite book! The edition I currently have is one of five classic books in a box-set that I am getting ready to part with (right when I finish Little Women), so I was happy to come across this pretty little thing at Chapters for only $15!

Want to join in and share your own One + Four = Life memories? Use the hashtag #OneFourLife on Twitter and Instagram and check out more about it at Meet Me At Mike’s.


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