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Hearts: they’re important. Construction paper cut-outs and sparkly diamond pendants say, “I love you.” In the depths of your chest, you can feel your heart flutter with a first kiss. You can feel it break and ache with loss. Hearts feel things. It’s weird to think that not only do they have the stress of manifesting all these emotions, they also have the responsibility of keeping us alive. 

I was planning on writing a really deep post. I was going to creatively present a few major heart issues that I’m currently struggling with. The first is my own; my emotional ineptitude as a result of old heartbreaks. The second is my dad’s, who found out today that he has to go in for triple bypass surgery so his heart can keep beating. The third is the crippling effect that this, coupled with the childhood trauma of watching him have a heart attack at the age of 7, is having on my current relationship. I’m scared of people’s hearts failing them and for me to be left alone.

Obviously things are pretty heavy right now. And although I have a great outline of what I think would be a really incredible and thoughtful post, I just can’t do it. Maybe next week 🙂


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