One + Four = Life: Snail Mail, Decor and Friendship

I’m currently writing this from the car, on the way to the Toronto airport. Unfortunately, it isn’t me that’s boarding the plane, but it does have me dreaming of faraway places. Before getting too far ahead of myself with wishful thinking, visualization and plan making, it’s time to reflect on the great things that happened this week.

1. Snail Mail – On Tuesday, my day was brightened by receiving the first piece of mail in a long time that wasn’t either A) an online purchase made by me, or B) bills. It was an engagement present sent from my brother and sister-in-law! It was so thoughtful, and the perfect pick-me-up that I needed.

2. Office Decor – I brought in some cute little decorative items this week that I had kicking around the apartment, just to make the space feel a little bit more like home. I also bought a really cute canvas print this week that is going to make its way to the wall next week (you possibly might see it in week’s One+Four=Life post).

3. Sparkle – In celebration my new sparkly ring, my lovely friend Catherine took me to our favourite place, Le Petit Bar, for Sparkle Thursday. Althought Thursday nights are busy for us both these days, with yoga and ultimate frisbee, it was so nice to mark this exciting occassion with some bubbly cocktails and genuine congratulations.

4. Double Sparkle – I really felt the love this week – on top of the engagement present and engagement drinks, I got to spend all of Saturday with my lifelong bestie who was visiting Peterborough for the weekend. We celebrated the beginning of great things with a day of awesomeness. We visited the Silver Bean, checked out the Taste of Downtown and browsed shops for new household treasures. Then, we had a nice dinner and bottle of wine, and another capped the night off with a few more drinks at LPB.


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