One + Four = Life: Wedding Prep, New Phone, and Recognition

wedding-prep-new-phone-recognition |

Last week was seriously THE BEST, which is why I’m late posting this. Besides my dad slowly returning to health, checking out a Citiots Improv show (funniest one I’ve seen yet!), and spending Sunday relaxing pool-side and enjoying beers and BBQ with my future in-laws, this is what else I had to be grateful for:

1. Church – This week, I was finally able to get down to some wedding planning business. Sean and I went for our first (and ONLY) site visit for our wedding. We saw it – we loved it – we booked it. It was a similarly easy process for my wedding dress. My mum and I went shopping on Wednesday and the first dress I tried on is likely going to be the one I end up walking down the aisle in. Eeeeeeee!!

2. New Phone – I dropped my phone last weekend, so this week I was on the hunt for a new one. I ended up going with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Luckily, I didn’t find the switch from iPhone to Android very difficult, and I’m happy to report that I’m totally in love with my S6. Telus has secured a life-long customer, too! Mad props to their fantastic customer service and customer retention work!

3. Bridal Hair – In preparation for next year’s bridal hair, I’ve finally chosen to go back to my brunette roots and start restoring my locks so that they look gorgeous next year. Huge thanks to Krista from Krista’s Hair Studio for your great work and for introducing me to OLAPLEX. A new chapter in life always requires a trip to the salon!

4. Recognition – It was a nice surprise to receive a Starbucks eGift Card from my sister-in-law this week, as a thank-you to me helping her with her blog, Jeneil Designs. It will definitely be put to good use (and already has, with a cold brew and veggie bento box for lunch today)!




2 thoughts on “One + Four = Life: Wedding Prep, New Phone, and Recognition”

  1. Congratulations on your engagement so happy for you! Glad to hear that your Dad is recovering from surgery. God Bless


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