Remember that time we went camping?

Oh right! It was just yesterday that we got home. I can hardly believe that our Kawartha Highlands camping weekend has already come and gone for another year…


If you’ve been following my antics for a while now, you might remember last year’s camping adventure. Not quite as successful as this year, but not bad enough for us to not give it another shot!

The Canoe


To reduce the strain on our relationship, we opted to rent a Eagle 17′ Nova Craft Canoe from Wild Rock Outfitters. Besides putting into action our packing ‘lessons learned’ from last year (electronics go in dry packs, queen-sized inflatable mattresses are not appropriate, etc.),  the choice to go with a different canoe made the world of difference! Instead of fighting all the way in and all the way out, we only had a slight hiccup when I steered us in two complete circles at the onset because I forgot how to go left (whoops!).



The Food
As always, our lovely camping companions totally delivered on keeping our bellies full of delicious food this year. Seriously, we were spoiled! Eggs Benny made a welcomed appearance again (totally a camping staple in my books from now on), along with chicken burritos, lovely veggie and hummus sandwiches, chocolate chip banana pancakes, and more!



The View
We went with the same site as last year (Crab Lake, site 317), which is beautiful. It has the perfect amount of clearing for our tents and dining area, rocks for sunbathing, walk-outs for swimming, and trees for hammock hanging.


The Relaxing
I can’t even begin to explain how nice it was to be disconnected for a few days. I got to just enjoy spending time with friends, and relaxing, without a care in the world. We swam, played cards, soaked up the sun (and rain!), and also had time to embrace silence and solitude.

I started reading one of my childhood favourite novels while I was there, called The Moorchild by Eloise McGraw. I thought it was the perfect pick since it’s a light read, and weaves classic folklore with a story of self-discovery and individuality. The narrative paints incredible scenes of magical forests, vast spanning moors, and bogs speckled with flora. It kinda made me miss Scotland, which is where I was at this time almost three years ago – my, how time flies!


I’m hoping that Sean and I will do adventures like this on a more regular basis.  I have big plans for cottaging,  car camping, and maybe even taking on a backwoods trip on our own (once we build up our camping equipment collection).

Until next time!


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