food bucket list: meats

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I haven’t really had many opportunities lately to stretch the boundaries of my food repertoire. The last food bucket list update I did was when I ate a beef tongue sandwich back in February! Well, this week, I’ve got an update for you! And it’s all about more meats that may be cringe-worthy for some, but are absolutely delish!

Unfortunately, just like last time, I didn’t get a chance to be camera happy. For some reason, I feel super uncomfortable whipping out my cell to take foodie pics when I’m with others. Also, my food adventure went down at Rare Grill House, which is super lovely and has a romantic ambiance that doesn’t bode well with food photography.

For my appetizer, I had roasted bone marrow. Although I almost couldn’t stomach looking at it on the plate, let alone seeing it jiggle on my spoon as I transferred it to slices of toasted baguette, it was divine.

I decided that this should be my go-to ‘make to impress‘ appetizer. Easy, economical, and apparently quite nutritious; this stuff is awesome! I found an recipe from The Culinary Chase to make the next time I’m hosting people that would be willing to give it a chance.

Click the picture to go to the recipe at The Culinary Chase!

Then, for an entree, I decided to go with the special, which was pig head torchon. Now, I feel one step closer to trying head cheese, which is on my list to try this year.

Honestly, the description of the torchon (all of the meat from the pig’s head, boiled, chopped up, and then wrapped and left to set in the skin from the neck and jowls) had the potential to turn me right off, but I went for it anyways. Simply delicious. And of course, paired with their mushroom risotto and fresh veg, you just couldn’t go wrong!

Here is a picture of the torchon in the prep stage that Brad Watt, chef and owner of Rare Grill, posted on his Instagram account:

pig head torchon
Click the picture to go the Rare’s Instagram page

Honestly, if you have the chance to try this meaty goodness, you must! Be adventurous! You only live once, and it is totally worth it!

Happy Dining!


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