One + Four = Life: a week of wonders

a week of wonders |

I feel like so much has happened this week that I could have a One + Four = Life post for almost every day! This week was filled with wonders, miracles, new beginnings, yummy food, gorgeous local talent, and family time.

1. Sunny – After 10 long, sad days of this furry little man being gone, he’s finally back! Cat pics flooding my Instagram page immediately commenced.

2. Butter Tart Tour Taste Off – I started a new job this week with the fantastic team that promotes Kawarthas Northumberland as a premiere tourist destination. We are also the the ones behind the region’s Butter Tart Tour. That means that I have had more butter tarts in the past week than I have in the past year 🙂

Also, don’t be surprised if Doo Doo’s Bakery makes an appearance on the dessert table at the wedding next year because I have fallen in love with their Pumpkin Butter Tart!

a week of wonders | alltheamusement.com3. Art – There was so much going on in our area this weekend, especially in the arts scene. Friday was the launch of Arts Week Peterborough, and I stopped into the Gallery in the Attic to pick up one of Brianna Gosselin‘s pieces for the new apartment.

week of wonders |

This weekend was also the Apsley Autumn Studio Tour. My mum and I enjoyed driving around Chandos Lake, visiting different studios, and adding things to our Wish Lists (like the egg cup below).

a week of wonders | 4. Bridal Show – Today, I went to The Mount for a bridal show with my mum and my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was quite the experience, and although the event itself was a little unorganized and several of the vendors seemed kind of hokey, it was a fun to do with my growing family. Also, I got my first bridal magazine, a Jamberry sampler, and won a draw for a Nerium International gift pack!

a week of wonders |

I’m sure that the next few weeks are going to be just as amazing, and even busier than ever. There’s only 13 days until Moving Day, and 11 days until the One Year Wedding Countdown begins!

Have a great week, guys!

Want to join in and share your own One + Four = Life memories? Use the hashtag #OneFourLife on Twitter and Instagram and check out more about it at Meet Me At Mike’s.


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