Giving Thanks – A Million Times Over

giving thanks |

I have been so neglectful of you, my lovely people! But only because life has been crazy, busy, and beautiful over the past month. Great things have been falling into place – lightning fast – and I’ve barely had times to wrap my head around it myself, let alone coherently express myself in a post!

I actually had a draft post started, with high hopes that I would have it auto-post on October 1. Why? Because so many awesome things were marked by that day. Not only did me and my future husband start the One Year Countdown to our wedding, but we also became the official renters at the Quinlan-Lummiss Treehouse!

giving thanks |

I didn’t get around to doing a Thanksgiving post last year… I had just gotten home from a much needed vacation to Cuba, but I was feeling unhealthy and was emotionally spent with every-day life. It’s not that I wasn’t thankful, but I was feeling so bummed; life was not how I had envisioned it, and I wasn’t happy. And after everything I had been through over the previous years, I believed that I deserved happiness.

Well, didn’t that just light the flame needed to turn things around! The difference between my life today and what it was a year ago is, as usual, incredible. I am engaged! I have two amazing jobs! I live in the most beautiful place and Sean and I are quickly making it home! I’m finally feeling like I’m coming into my own and really growing up (for example, I spent the morning doing laundry and working on a budget using a free YNAB trial).

This post might be a bit longer and rambly than I typically try to do. If you’re like me, you can’t even watch to the end of a 2 minute YouTube video, let alone read a thesis on someone else’s life. But I have some very important people to thank. They have played an integral part in helping me create this life that I am so grateful for.

Of course, I am so thankful for everyone in my life – friends, family, colleagues, baristas, kind strangers – but there are a few specific individuals that have really had a major impact on me this past year, and I want to acknowledge them.

My darling friend, Michelle – I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am today without her, both literally and figuratively. I am currently typing this post where we used to sit at her dining table and share delicious meals and stories. It was here that she helped me take back control of my life and stop settling for things that didn’t make me happy. She inspires me, encourages me, and supports me. She’s  blessed me with this beautiful home, gave me the confidence to step out into the unknown, and helped me get a job that allowed me to move on from a terrible situation. She is the kindest soul, and I will cherish our friendship forever.

Michael, my Twitter angel – It was after a very personal and emotional post that I wrote last year that Michael reached out to me on Twitter and made me feel like I had someone in my corner. Watching how he approaches life with such grace and passion makes me want to emulate that in my life. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed in the Twittersphere and that it transferred over into the real world. Not only did he help me land a fantastic consulting contract over the summer, but also my new job. The thing about Michael is that he surrounds himself with top-notch people. It’s a guarantee that whoever you meet, or whatever opportunities arise through him will be genuine and wonderful. The world needs more people like him in it.

Catherine – Life would not be as wonderful or delicious without her in my life. She is my voice of reason, time and time again, and she helps me navigate this crazy world. I am so thankful for our friendship. The best joys in life are long talks over cocktails and charcuterie, camping trips, and board game nights, and I am glad to share them with her!

Mum & Dad – My parents and their unwavering support and love have made me who I am. Without them, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten this far… actually, I’m quite certain I just wouldn’t have come this far. I am thankful for my morning coffees with my mum. I am thankful for lunch dates with my dad. I am so grateful for our strong relationship that has grown into the most important friendship that I have in my life. These two are my best friends.

Scott & Jenn – The year(s) has been tough, but these two persevere. The way they approach life with determination is something that I will always admire. My brother is one of the wisest people I know, and a straight-shooter whose advice I can count on, and whose approval I always strive for. Even though we’re miles apart, our love is as strong as ever.

Sean – Life was terrible. I went to a comedy show. I laughed and loved forever more. The end. Sean is the light of my life. He brings me so much joy and laughter. He has held me up when I felt like crumbling and made me realize my worth and potential. He has a faith in me that is unmatched and steadfast. I will be forever thankful that the stars aligned and that our lives came together as one.

Who are you thankful for this year? Did anybody make a huge impact on you and where your life is today? Make sure to tell them!

Happy Thanksgiving, dudes. Sending you wishes of peace, happiness, and pumpkin spice lattes.

xo Marie


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