Welcome to the Treehouse

welcome to the treehouse | alltheamusement.comIt almost astounds me how quickly time goes by… but then I just have to think back to my last post. And the one before that. And probably the one before that. And then I realize: nope, I should just be used to this by now.

So what’s new? Gosh, where do I start….

Well, Sean and I have been in the Treehouse for one month today. I must say that it’s been quite the ride! It has been a month of crazy, compromise, learning, growth, understanding, happiness, and most importantly, love.

I’m settling into my grown-up life quite nicely, I think. I seriously feel like all of this can be directly attributed to the Treehouse. I’ve taken to keeping my stuff tidy and organized, budgeting (check out YNAB, seriously!), planning ahead, and am getting back into my old kitchen groove. I’ve made pies, squares, chillis, curries, crumbles, and even my first whole roasted chicken! Maybe someday I’ll even get back to doing food posts again! In the meantime, I’m just reveling in the fact that we have a home that we can call our own.

welcome to the treehouse | alltheamusement.com

One of the things that I am most excited about is for us to build our own holiday traditions at the Treehouse. Read between the lines here, people: I CAN’T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!  But Halloween was fun 🙂 We went out to Buckhorn Berry Farm for Pumpkin Fest with some friends and picked our own pumpkins for carving. We had a Treehouse Pumpkin Carving Competition (vote for your favourite in the comments below). I roasted pumpkin seeds, bought candy from The UK Shoppe, and made Reese’s Pieces pancakes for breakfast. And in just a few short weeks Christmas will be in full swing here!

welcome to the treehouse | alltheamusement.com

Work is incredible. I am blessed to work with the most amazing women (at both of my jobs). I get to learn about two completely different industries (healthcare/education and tourism), am developing new skills, making my own mark, eating butter tarts, and becoming way too familiar with the ins and outs of Long Term Care facilities. I even got to go to my first work conference in Ottawa a few weeks ago and had such a great time getting to know my new colleagues and being welcomed as part of the team.

The coming weeks have a lot in store. I have my first few shifts at The Warming Room, which I’m really looking forward to. I have a surprise to unveil for a special someone, and an exciting adventure to tell you all about! I have wedding plans to make, concerts to attend, dinner parties to host, and Christmas planning to do like a boss. All in all, I have life to enjoy!

Hope your autumn is going well, dudes.

P.S. What is the season turning point for you? Is it right after Halloween? The first snow? Winter Solstice? Mine is all about November 11. Here’s my annual tradition: Remembrance Day Ceremony in the AM, lunch with my dad, followed by Christmas music and a Starbucks #RedCups for ever more.

xo Marie



8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Treehouse”

  1. Our Anniversary is around the US Thanksgiving, so I don’t start until then/after our Anniversary. Since I have my birthday so close to Christmas I try to separate as much as I can.


    1. I totally get that. As someone with a birthday near to the Christmas season, I understand the desire to separate things out (and that we get the short end of the gifting stick 😉)


      1. Short end…or amazing end? As an adult your birthday gets less and less important, but if you have Christmas lights around, it only sounds good.

        I leave my decorating until December 1, or else I get sick of it. I’m loving starting to hear Christmas music here & there and people start talking about Christmas plans, which is fun.


      2. Touché. You’re so right! I guess growing up it felt that way, but these days it doesn’t matter here nor there. At this point, I wish holidays were just about making memories and spending time with loved ones instead of trying to decide which gift card to buy.


      3. These comments are getting pretty small on mobile and nested. I think so LOL

        I struggle with this every year. I try to spend my Christmas but more on food to share and my now and Christmas cards. But it always feels wrong to not give someone a gift. Judging by the castle in my living room, I’m even questioning whether we should give Zoe a present this matter. She has so much stuff and only wants to spend her time with me, not with her toys


      4. We live in such a consumer-driven world… I say, do what you think is right! If that means spending time watching Christmas movies, dancing around the livingroom to Bing Crosby tunes (after you’ve packed up the castle), and enjoying lovingly prepared food instead of the focus being on presents to unwrap, then go for it! I barely remember any of the gifts that I got as a child, but I do remember all the fun we had as a family!


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