Top 10 Things That Have Made Me Smile

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Hello mes amis. It looks like I’m back into my same old habit of being MIA for months on end here at All The Amusement. For that, I am sorry. Life just has its way of getting busy, and usually the first thing to fall off my to-do list is writing. In order to get back on track, I’ve decided to do a really light-hearted ’round-up’ post of sorts to tell you about the top 10 things that have made me smile since I last wrote: 

1.  Medieval Times

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Anyone that knows me knows how much I love Medieval Times. This year, Sean coordinated a whole group of people to surprise me at one of the shows for my birthday!

2. Insubordinate Apparel

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A really great local guy, Brandon Slavik, has been working hard to build his brand, Insubordinate Media. I recently picked up this awesome hoodie so I could represent! Check out his freshly launched on-line shop to get your own.

3. Beef Heart

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Sam, at Sam’s Place, took notice that my dad and I always seem to make it in for lunch when she’s featuring an organ sandwich. You might remember me trying the Corned Beef Tongue last year. The sandwich pictured above is “Captain Beef Heat” – Beef Heart pastrami, avocado, arugula, red onion, tomato and grainy mustard on toasted light rye. The day I saw it posted on Twitter as the special, I texted my dad and his response was, “Can you go for lunch in 5 min?” He gets me.

4. Cooking

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With a new year, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get in the kitchen more and to have more heart-healthy foods. Fit Girls Guide has definitely helped in that department, but now I am starting to apply what I know and have learned to make my own creations by using whatever I have in the fridge. This bowl of deliciousness includes couscous, pan-friend tofu, roasted carrots, pinto beans and spinach.

5. Snow Day

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Although this past Saturday was one of the coldest days of the year, my friend Catherine and I ventured out to South Pond Farms in Kawarthas Lakes for their annual Snow Day event. Initially intended to be an afternoon of cross-country skiing and snow shoeing, the lack of snow and the frigid temperatures resulted in a change of plans. We had a nice hour-long hike through the forest trails, warmed up by the bonfire, and ate a delicious dinner served up community-style in the farmhouse. It was great to meet other people around the table, share some laughs, and enjoy a hearty meal. I cannot wait to make it back out there this year for more events!

6. Bananagrams

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There are so many things that I’ve gained from my time volunteering at the Warming Room – personal growth, friendships, compassion, AND a love for Bananagrams.

7. Professional Head-Shot

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I’ve never had a professional photo-shoot done, but I finally got my chance! Here is my new profesh headshot taken by the talented Jessica Melnik.

8. Lucky Pig

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To cheer me up when I was having a particularly hard day (damn Jian Ghomeshi trial has that happening like woah lately), a darling friend left a little gift for me  at my front door that included this cute little piggy.

9. Green Goddess Smoothies

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I fell in love with the Green Goddess Smoothie from Fit Girl Detox and can’t get enough of it. Even better: Sean loves it too!

10. Budgeting

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I’ve mentioned it a few times already, but back in October I started using You Need A Budget to manage my money. I started off using YNAB 4, but recently migrated over to the ‘new’ YNAB, which I LOVE. Not only does it make me feel more in control and give me confidence regarding my finances, it also helps me realize goals. Just this month, I hit my target savings goal for a new laptop and have one en route to me right now! This is good news for you because hopefully I’ll write more since I’ll no longer have to be attached to a wall to do posts.

Well, there’s my ‘Top 10 Things That Have Made Me Smile in 2016’ list. I hope yours is full of great things too and that 2016 has been good to you so far. Find a reason to smile; life is too hard otherwise.

xo Marie



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