food bucket list – fresh start

Bucket lists. I love them. But I haven’t really been checking many things off these past few years. Gosh, can you believe that it’s been almost a year since I did a food bucket list post? Remember that time, way back when, when I told you about having bone marrow and beef cheeks for the first time? I was really excited about that. And it was really delicious.

food bucket list |

Food adventures really took a back burner in my world. But now they’re back! And I’m back! This means several things. Not only does it mean a revived interest food experiences, but also: shorter hair, writing more, and traveling! Hopefully a few of these things are to your benefit, my dears. Although I’ve just been sticking with pen-to-paper journaling lately, I’m sure my adventures will slowly begin to make an appearance on the blog.

To start things off, this weekend I decided to dive right into new culinary experiences. I had a gift certificate for Rare Grill House and a lovely friend to join me for a Friday Night Feast. This restaurant is perfect for those looking to try something new. They source fantastic local ingredients and do a lot of nose-to-tail cooking. Their menu featured two specials with foods that have been on my bucket list: frog legs and beef heart.

The frog legs were delicious! They were coated in buttermilk and a light flour mixture and served with a nice dip. Super moist, meaty, and not-so-much like chicken…?

bucket list frog legs |

The beef heart was also fantastic. It had a jalapeno glaze, so I was anticipating a little bit of a kick, but unfortunately the heat got lost on the grill. The dish was still amazing. The meat was tender, and flavourful. And the seasonal veg at Rare never disappoints! I would definitely eat beef heart again and again if given the opportunity!

bucket list frog legs |

Do you have any suggestions for unique foods that should make their way onto my bucket list?

Eat, drink, and be merry, my friends.

Marie xo


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