sausage and sweet potato hash

Do you know what I love about making a hash? You can literally throw almost anything into a pan, sauté it up, serve with a poached egg on top, and it’s damn delicious! Potatoes? Yes! Mushrooms? Sure! Green pepper? Why not! Spam? Give it a try! Here’s my version with sausage and sweet potato.

sausage sweet potato hash | alltheamusement.comLast night, I had two things that I wanted to be sure worked their way into my dinner. The first was a Sriracha sausage that I picked up from Foodland. They do deli-made sausages in a bunch of different flavours, and I’m sure any of them would’ve been great in this dish. The second was pickled habenero onions that Martin from La Mesita Catering introduced this year at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. If you aren’t from Peterborough, here’s a YouTube video from Chef De La Calle to make your own. They probably won’t be as good as Martin’s, but you have to make do with what you’ve got.

Here’s what you need:

¼ cup diced sweet potato

¼ cup chopped red onion

¼ cup chopped button mushrooms

1 sausage, casing removed

1 cup of chopped steamed kale

1 T crumbled feta

1 egg

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Pickled habanero onions

  1. Bring a small saucepan of water to a simmer for poaching your egg. Don’t know how to do it? Jamie Oliver can show you in a video here. The water is good to go when it looks bubbly like champagne.
  2. While the water is heating, throw your sweet potatoes, mushrooms and (unpickled) onions into a medium-high frying pan with some olive oil in it. Sauté those bad boys for a few minutes, until the sweet potato begins to soften. Then, put your sausage meat into the pan and chop it up (making it a “hash”). Continue cooking.
  3. Meanwhile, put your egg in the simmering water. Set a timer for 4 minutes. Continue paying attention to your hash.
  4. When there is only about 1 minute left, put your steamed kale into the hash mixture. (I pre-steam by putting my washed and chopped kale in a bowl with a tiny bit of water and microwaving it for 60 seconds. You can do what you want). Once the hash is headed through, remove it to your bowl.
  5. Transfer your egg on top. I was super disappointed yesterday when I used a metal slotted spoon and accidentally broke through to my yummy yoke.
  6. Sprinkle with feta cheese, salt and pepper, and a small (or large!) heap of pickled habanero onions.
  7. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “sausage and sweet potato hash”

  1. Hi. Is Martin from La Mesita Catering.
    This is a very refreshing idea of using our pickled habanero onions. I am so trilled to see what a great idea you got.

    Keep it going !!!
    And hope to see you and all your readers sometime at the Farmers Market in Peterborough !!!!


    1. Aw, thanks Martin! I really loved them. I was hoping to make it to the market last week and say “Vive Mexico,” especially since I had been there just days before, but I wasn’t able to make it. Next time!


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