So I’ve shaken things up quite a bit in the past few months, my lovely people, and my life is in a major state of renewal.

And with that comes the neglect of you and my blog that you must be accustomed to. So, to make amends, I’m going to give a little photo update to share with you what has been going on in my crazy world of mine. 

One of the constants in my life right now is my job. And let me tell you, you have every reason to be envious of it! I absolutely love what I do, I work with the most amazing team, and I get to do really fun things every so often! For example, the past few weeks have seen buttertart samplings, a wine tasting, goat farm and B&B touring, boat riding and private island exploring, and feasting on my first Farm to Table Tour in downtown Peterborough!

I find myself using the hashtag #lovemyjob on the reg.

I really am so blessed!

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These are a few pictures from our farm tour at Haute Goat. If you haven’t checked this place out, make sure you do. And pick up a bag of spicy goat’s milk caramel corn – it’s really tasty!

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Here are the delicious dishes that I got to try while on the Farm to Table Tour. We went to six stops, which included: The Night Kitchen, Black Honey Bakery, Two Dishes Cookshop, Sam’s Place, Rare Grill House (where I tried green cattail for the first time), and The Publican House Brewery.

The other constant in my life are my wonderful friends and family. Thank god for them. When things get crazy, it’s so nice to know that you have people you can count on. Ones that will be there to lift you up, offer never ending support and love you no matter what. They are what keeps me going.

My friend Catherine is one of those amazing people. We enjoy great food and drinks together, from morning croissant dates to late nights at LPB and everything in between. She listens to me complain, has my back even when I don’t have my own, and supports me as I try to figure out Step #1. She even packed her bags and came on a spontaneous trip to Mexico with me last month!

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Here is a shot from the balcony in Mexico. We stayed at the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda resort, which was fantastic. The room was nice (we were on the top floor), the food was good (my favourite this was definitely the guac!), and they had top-shelf liquor that you just had to ask for. Perfect! And in less than 5 minutes, we could walk to everywhere we needed to be: the bar, the beach, the buffet, the pool.

Another highlight was that they had a Circus Night for one of the nightly entertainment shows. If you know me at all, you can only imagine how excited I was for this!

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This is a picture from the Sailing & Snorkeling day trip that we took with Cancun Adventures. It was a lot of fun, despite me getting seasick and throwing up off the back of the boat. I maybe had a little bit too much tequila the night before. We went snorkeling in the Inah Reef, part of the second largest coral reef system in the world. We got to see stingrays (including a baby one!), a giant sea turtle, squid, and a barracuda, along with a bunch of other fish and coral. We also went swimming in an inlet where there was a sandbar and the option to do stand up paddle boarding. Maybe next time (when I’m more fit), I’ll give that a try!

In June, I also got to celebrate the marriage of a wonderful friend, Benjamin and his stunning bride Nicole. I was lucky enough to score a date with my bestie, since weddings are kind of an arduous thing for me to face this summer, so not having to face them alone is key. The wedding was lovely and took place on the beach in Picton on West Lake at Isaiah Tubbs Resort. So much happiness. So much love. And look at this view at dusk.

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Along with buying a new car (no more Little Red! Thank goodness) and going to Mexico in the course of just a few weeks, I also moved into a new apartment! This place is my heart. I absolutely love it. The neighbourhood is quirky (my neighbours have chickens), I can walk everywhere, the space has character, and it is mine. All mine.

My downstairs neighbour seems really awesome too, and I think we’re going to become fast friends, which is perfect. Maybe someday we’ll be able to write a sitcom about our lives since we’re both navigating the strangeness that is the dating world.

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I’ve been working really to combat my social anxiety recently so that I have the chance to not only do things that I love and to find new passions, but also to meet new people. This means challenging my comfort zones, which is so tough! But I’m doing it!

Last weekend, I went out for drinks alone on Friday night, and to a concert on Sunday night. Then, I took an fundraising intuitive art class for the YWCA put on by Brianna Gosselin at the Silver Bean. I still have some work that I want to do on my piece before I think it’s finished, but here it is:

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And finally, even though I have already marked it off of my Foodie Bucketlist, I had amazing beef tongue sandwich from Sam’s Place on Friday. Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I found someone to split it with me, since my dad wasn’t around to eat the other half – healthy living, remember.

Andres from Caffeina took me up on my request and I showed up at the cafe for an Americano and with a masterpiece of a sandwich to share. It was really, really good. Kinda wish it was a regular menu item. But then I would probably end up eating too many sandwiches.

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I am trying to just focus as much as I can on myself these days. You know, reflection, deep breathing, self-discovery, all of that stuff that you’re supposed to do while you’re single. I did come across this great quote in my Mexican beach-read (Quentins by Maeve Binchy) that I’ve been trying to keep top-of-mind:

If you’re not taken up by the desire for people then you can see beauty more around you.

So, there you have it. That’s been my life lately. Well, besides the weird dating stories, but you’ll have to take me out for a coffee to hear more on that topic.

xo Marie


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