a week of culinary delights

culinary delights | alltheamusement.com

This past week has brought some exceptional opportunities for me to expand my food horizons, indulge in new experiences and enjoy great company! From Peterborough to Toronto to Keene, it has been a week of culinary delights!

To start the week off (on Sunday), I headed up to Toronto for my first Summerlicious dinner. My friend T-Mac and I made reservations at Local Kitchen & Wine Bar on Queen West. This place has quite the atmosphere – super eclectic and funky. The server was great too; honest, personable, and funny!

culinary delights | alltheamusement.com

I picked this restaurant because it was the only one on the Summerlicious list that had something on the prix fixe that was unusual and that I really wanted to try: sweetbread.

For my meal, I ordered the sweetbread frittelle, rainbow trout with pancetta, fava beans and padano crema, and wild berry fritters for dessert. My friend ordered the meat and cheese board, fazzoletti stuffed with mascarpone and black truffle percorino (which was AMAZING!), and strawberry and black pepper panna cotta.

I was disappointed when they came to the table to say that the fryer didn’t seem to be working properly so I would have to pick a different appetizer. Boo! I had came specifically for the sweetbread. However, they did have a lamb tartare with mint horseradish that I was seriously eyeing up on the menu when I ordered, so I went with that instead. It was delish. And halfway through, they showed up at the table with the sweetbread frittelle too!

culinary delights | alltheamusement.com

So there I was, manging down waaay too much to still have two courses left, but everything that I put in my mouth was delicious. I don’t think my experience of sweetbread was incredibly legit, since it was essentially a doughnut with chunks of sweetbread throughout, but I’m sure it was a good way to ease myself into eating cow pancreas. 🙂 This seems to be the way I do things, much like the time I tried haggis but it was made into deep-fried balls and served with a whisky cream sauce.

To follow, on Monday night I took a friend to our first Tres Hombres event. This is three incredibly talented local chefs in Peterborough that have teamed up to deliver an amazing culinary experience in unique, surprise locations. The dinner we went to took place in a restaurant construction site – no plumbing, no electricity, just a celebration of food and friendship.

I totally failed on taking foodie pictures (or really any pictures) during the night. I wish I got pictures of the amazing beef carpaccio crostini, and the bare bones location, and handsome chef that was cooking up the confit duck gizzards… but alas, I just took one picture: a steamed dim sum-style duck foot. Wuuuuuuuh?! Yup, you read correctly.

culinary delights | alltheamusement.com

Also on the menu: lamb neck donairs, pork ramen with duck eggs, confit duck and endive skewers with lavender mayo, beef carpaccio crostinis, and strawberries with lemon meringues and cream. Check out their Instagram for pictures: https://www.instagram.com/treshombresfood/  

Theeeeeen, on Wednesday, I went out to Elmhirst’s Resort in Keene for a morning of fishing on Rice Lake and a shore lunch. This is a new package that they offering this year(check out the details here), and is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I’ll write about that experience in another post!

Happy Feasting, my lovely people!

xo Marie


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