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gone fishing | alltheamusement.com

Recently, myself and a colleague were invited out to Elmhirst’s Resort to experience their Guided Fishing Experience on Rice Lake. Thankfully, I had just renewed my fishing licence, and was pumped to get out on the water for the first time in years

This is a really cool package that that Elmhirst’s Resort offers for purchase throughout the summer. Guests can select the package that they are interested in: 4 hours of fishing with or without their own equipment & boat, and the option for a shore lunch.

No matter what you choose, be ready to head out bright and early with Liam, a young man who has spent his summers growing up on the waters of Rice Lake. He knows a bunch of great spots all over the lake, and although the fish weren’t really biting the morning that we were out, he was a pleasure to have as a guide.

gone fishing | alltheamusement.com

We went to at least a handful of different spots. It wasn’t until the fourth one that we got our first bite. It ended up being a little baby perch, which was my one and only catch of the day. gone fishing | alltheamusement.com

Thankfully, Liam landed a good size bass when we were all starting to lose hope. At around 11, we called it a day and went to a makeshift camp for a shore lunch.

gone fishing | alltheamusement.com

Here, Liam prepared the bass that he had caught, along with fried potatoes and onions, and a can of good ol’ pork and beans over the fire. It was delicious, and SO filling. I’m actually glad that we didn’t catch any more fish because I wouldn’t have been able to eat all of it!

gone fishing | alltheamusement.com

This was such a great way to spend a morning. It was nice to reconnect with nature, ride through the cool breeze first thing in the morning, and feel that jolt of excitement when I had something on the end of my line (even though it was the size of a fishing lure!).

This experience definitely made me realize that I need to take the time to do this more often! … And maybe start saving for a boat 🙂

xo Marie


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