Ride for Refuge 2016

I know it’s easy to ignore things that make you uncomfortable. Homelessness isn’t like cancer – not every person has a story of how they have been directly impacted by it. But believe me when I say that if you care about your community, you should care about homelessness.

Maybe you cross the street so you don’t have to walk by that panhandler downtown. Maybe you avoid eye contact when someone asks you if you have change. Maybe you have judging thoughts when you see someone bringing a bag of collected cans into the Beer Store for some money. I used to be this way.

Last fall,  I started volunteering at the Warming Room. I learned the names of these people. They shared their stories with me. They asked me about myself and my life. We bonded over card games and two-bite brownies, crappy coffee and stressful situations. And I finally started to see them for what they really are: Equals. People with struggles, and hopes, and dreams. Just like me; just like YOU.

Please help me as I raise funds for the Warming Room so they can continue to provide a safe place for the displaced, vulnerable and exploited.

On October 1st, I’m going to get moving and bike 10K to make a difference with Ride for Refuge 2016. So please, give generously, and consider hopping on a bike or lacing up your shoes and joining me!

To donate, please click here.

Every dollar counts. Every person matters.


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