new mom basket

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If you haven’t had the chance to check out my list of 12 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on the So Fawned Lifestyle blog – do it now! It has some serious goodies; all of them that I either want to make or want to buy for myself!

In light of Mother’s Day, and because I have a New Mama in my life, I made my own version of the Mommy Survival Kit (via Classy Clutter) which was featured in the Top 12 post. Continue reading “new mom basket”

12 great mother’s day gift ideas

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Looking for some fun DIY gifts or something super unique for the special women in your life this Mother’s Day? Check out this awesome list that I pulled together over on the So Fawned Lifestyle blog. I promise, there’ll be something there that you’ll love (and want for yourself!).

If you’re like me, after checking out the list, you’ll want to get crafting right away! I got the chance to do up one of the DIY gifts this week for a new mom in my life – you can find it posted here!


DIY magnet craft kit

Need one last addition to the Easter basket, birthday present, or just need something to do on a rainy day? Make up some of these DIY Magnet Craft Kits. The ones over on the So Fawned Lifestyle blog are for Easter, but really, you could make them for any occasion. They’re really easy to throw today and super easy on the pocket book.

Have some fun: crafting is good for the soul!

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