Las Vegas, Baby!

las vegas baby |
Big thanks to Kay for sharing this amazing view with us from the 36th floor of the Cosmopolitan!

If you have me on Facebook, you will know that on my first day down in Vegas, I wrote an entire blog post only to have WordPress crap out on me while I was trying to save it. Lesson learned here: type everything in Notes first.

So here, we go: my first (and only – sorry, it’s a long one) “official” post about my trip to beautiful Las Vegas! Continue reading “Las Vegas, Baby!”

travel to taste: cuban eats

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t go to Cuba for a culinary adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to! Much like the culture and heritage, Cuban food is a unique fusion of African, Spanish, Caribbean influences. But when you’re travelling with someone that has food restrictions, it’s a challenge to balance the desire for new food experiences with the mindfulness that there needs to be “safe” foods for them on the menu. Some people don’t share the same culinary audacity and enthusiasm that I have, and that’s OK. Continue reading “travel to taste: cuban eats”

UAE and NYC photobook

I just ordered a copy of my United Arab Emirates and New York City photobook from Shutterfly, since they currently have a deal to get a free 8×8 photobook (Code: BOOK4FREE) until September 10. I saved $29.99 and only had to pay shipping, which is pretty awesome. I’ve had this photobook in my projects bin since February, and have been waiting for a good deal to come up to order it, so this was the perfect time! Especially since I’m going to have another new one to make in just a short couple weeks once I get back from Cuba! Continue reading “UAE and NYC photobook”

countdown – 5 days

The excitement is starting to set in – along with the anxiety – that next Thursday, Sean and I are going on our first major trip together. We’ve been reading resort reviews to get some tips and to know what to expect; I’ve been casually glancing at the weather forecasts, praying to the rain gods that they just piss off while we’re there. Continue reading “countdown – 5 days”