are you a glamper or a camper?

Camping vs. glamping –  after the past two weekends, I have an accurate comparison of each to help me form my opinion on the two.

Last weekend, Sean and I joined another couple on a weekend camping trip. I’m talking, like, real camping. The kind where you pack as little as you can into a dry-bag, strap a borrowed canoe onto the roof of the car, and pray for the best.

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travel to taste: around the world

There is nothing that excites me more than the thought of travelling around the world and stuffing my gob with amazing foods. Thankfully, I have had several opportunities to do just that in the past five years, and look forward to adding to that list in the years to come.

In my last Travel to Taste blog posting, I shared with you my Canadian favourites. Now, I’m going to go beyond the borders and share with you the delightful bites that I’ve had abroad.

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travel to taste – canadian favourites

Most people remember the feeling of hot sand between their toes and salty water in their eyes. They talk about touring world-renowned galleries, or seeing that famous landmark that adorns travel brochures and souvenir shot-glasses. They laugh when recalling sketchy hostels with squeaky, lumpy bunk-beds that only costed £9 a night (what do you expect?!)

Believe me, I have those memories. 

But my favourite ones, by far, are the tastes. The “I Had Heaven in My Mouth” memories that excite my salivary glands just thinking about them. The ones that  make me want to spend $900 on a flight so I can relive that experience once again. 

I may enjoy the moment, the ride, the sights and the sounds, but it all boils down to this: I come for the food.  Continue reading “travel to taste – canadian favourites”