christmas countdown

The older I get, the more stealthy Christmas becomes – creeping up like a ninja in the night. Then, BAM! It’s all over.

There are only a mere 9 days left until Christmas. You know, the “nine ladies dancing” day? Well, this lady isn’t quite dancing in the end-zone yet. Although my anxiety over online shopping packages not arriving before Christmas has subsided (three of four shipments have been delivered!), I’m still lagging behind on the shopping list, with both time and pennies running low. Continue reading “christmas countdown”

80 days until Christmas

Who can even believe how fast this year has gone, and how different things are from one year to the next?

Think about it. Where were you last year at this time? How much has changed since then? Maybe you got new job, lost/made a friend, battled an illness, recovered from a broken heart, graduated school, made a big move. No matter who you are, or what you’ve done, a great deal happens in a mere 365 days. Continue reading “80 days until Christmas”