this precious life

It is easy to get caught up in daily life, and the challenges, struggles and turmoil that sometimes accompany it. Often times you might not feel like life is the gift that you hear everyone touting about.

Sometimes, life just doesn’t seem fair.

But then, something happens. Something that jostles you back to real-life. Something that reminds you just how precious each day, each moment, really is.

That happened this week. Continue reading “this precious life”

welcome 2015!

It is a fresh new year, guys! Are you excited? Even though every day moment is a chance to start something new, make a resolution or change direction, the beginning of a new calendar year lends itself to be a great catalyst for making big plans and setting goals to accomplish.

What’s on your list? Are you all pumped to lose 10 pounds, go on a┬átrip, quit smoking, start a new career? Although they say that only 8% of people keep their resolutions, I wish for you a year of absolute success. Continue reading “welcome 2015!”