welcome to the circus

Holy, wow. Have I ever got updates for you!

I know I always say that, but this time, the changes in my life have been of epic proportion.

In the span of 6 weeks, I became a home owner, a married woman, AND a mother. Not a lot of people can say they’ve done that, can they? Continue reading “welcome to the circus”


becoming a mrs

becoming a mrs | alltheamusement.com

I need to start writing to you guys more. Not only because I miss writing, but also because this lovely little site is a costly affair. Just for your spectator enjoyment and my need to have a place to share, I’m now spending $200 a year! Seriously, they get you with those promo prices. But it just auto-renewed, so here we are.

It’s Friday night. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m already a couple of glasses of wine deep. I’m not sure how bad that really is – the bottle was from a vineyard in New Brunswick (Winegarden Estates) and their labeling is very similar to that of a make-your-own establishment; few details, and no percentage count. It could be really good news, or it could be juice – I guess only time will tell.

I started a post a couple weeks ago when I got home from my road trip with the man. I obviously wasn’t very on the ball with that one, since it never got finished. So now I’m wondering whether I fill you guys in on what I was typing back then and scrap the other one, or if I just wait until I return to it and finish it.

Who am I kidding? I should probably just fill you in now – it’s no secret – and god knows that I’ll never go back and finish a draft post. I found true love. Continue reading “becoming a mrs”

Christmas, Unwrapped

post-holiday-reflection | alltheamusement.com

With the New Year on the horizon, and Christmas already in the rear-view mirror, I thought that today was the perfect day to reflect on the holiday season: what happened, what I loved, what I would like to change moving forward. This is especially fitting since outside the window lies a snowy and white landscape, and curling up in the TreeHouse with a hot cup of tea and my laptop is all I want to do. Continue reading “Christmas, Unwrapped”

Las Vegas, Baby!

las vegas baby | alltheamusement.com
Big thanks to Kay for sharing this amazing view with us from the 36th floor of the Cosmopolitan!

If you have me on Facebook, you will know that on my first day down in Vegas, I wrote an entire blog post only to have WordPress crap out on me while I was trying to save it. Lesson learned here: type everything in Notes first.

So here, we go: my first (and only – sorry, it’s a long one) “official” post about my trip to beautiful Las Vegas! Continue reading “Las Vegas, Baby!”

Giving Thanks – A Million Times Over

giving thanks | alltheamusement.com

I have been so neglectful of you, my lovely people! But only because life has been crazy, busy, and beautiful over the past month. Great things have been falling into place – lightning fast – and I’ve barely had times to wrap my head around it myself, let alone coherently express myself in a post! Continue reading “Giving Thanks – A Million Times Over”