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Every year, I have a list of culinary delights/challenges that I plan to tackle. And let me be straight with you – headcheese has been on that list for far too many years. With 30 being a big year for me, I decided to add it onto my 30 For 30 List, in hopes that I would put a concerted effort into actually trying it. And I finally did. Continue reading “headcheese”


So I’ve shaken things up quite a bit in the past few months, my lovely people, and my life is in a major state of renewal.

And with that comes the neglect of you and my blog that you must be accustomed to. So, to make amends, I’m going to give a little photo update to share with you what has been going on in my crazy world of mine.  Continue reading “renewal”

sausage and sweet potato hash

Do you know what I love about making a hash? You can literally throw almost anything into a pan, sauté it up, serve with a poached egg on top, and it’s damn delicious! Potatoes? Yes! Mushrooms? Sure! Green pepper? Why not! Spam? Give it a try! Here’s my version with sausage and sweet potato.

sausage sweet potato hash | alltheamusement.com Continue reading “sausage and sweet potato hash”

for the love of squash – recipe roundup

for-the-love-of-squash | alltheamusement.com

Squash: it kinda reminds you of autumn, doesn’t it? I feel like maybe I should be posting recipes that inspire thoughts of the warmer days ahead. I must admit – I’m tired of winter. I’m ready for long hot days, and air conditioning, and not having to scrape my windshield. But since there are still some wintery days before us, I figured that this was as good time to do a winter squash recipe round-up. That, and I have a lovely little acorn squash looking to be transformed into a plate of deliciousness.  Continue reading “for the love of squash – recipe roundup”