belated quickie

Belated Quickie |

I was reminded when I saw a text from my sister-in-law at 6am that somehow I missed Tell All Tuesday yesterday. I guess that’s what happens when life is just speeding along in full-throttle, and a holiday Monday is thrown into the mix!

This week has been especially exciting, despite the fact that it’s only Wednesday. Here’s the breakdown: Continue reading “belated quickie”

cinco de mayo recipe roundup

12-cinco-de-mayo-recipes |

At work, we are busy planning a graduation and anniversary celebration, and have been talkin’ Mexican cuisine with Martin from La Mesita Catering. Needless to say, I’ve been craving cheesy, meaty, spicy goodness for weeks! Cinco de Mayo couldn’t come at a better time!

Want to whip something up to celebrate this week? Here’s a roundup of all my favourites – including budget recipes, fancy recipes, drink recipes… Anything that will make your Cinco de Mayo celebration fun and delicious! Oh, and make sure to send me and invitation, K? Continue reading “cinco de mayo recipe roundup”

One + Four = Life : Cats, Community, and RawSpiceBar


onefourlife-around-town-rawspice |

The only word that I can really sum up the past week with is “magical.” From Sunday to Sunday, it has almost been surreal. I’ve gotten to spend time with so many wonderful people, felt more a part of the community than I ever have before, and got a special foodie delivery in the mail!  Continue reading “One + Four = Life : Cats, Community, and RawSpiceBar”

travel to taste: cuban eats

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t go to Cuba for a culinary adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to! Much like the culture and heritage, Cuban food is a unique fusion of African, Spanish, Caribbean influences. But when you’re travelling with someone that has food restrictions, it’s a challenge to balance the desire for new food experiences with the mindfulness that there needs to be “safe” foods for them on the menu. Some people don’t share the same culinary audacity and enthusiasm that I have, and that’s OK. Continue reading “travel to taste: cuban eats”

travel to taste: around the world

There is nothing that excites me more than the thought of travelling around the world and stuffing my gob with amazing foods. Thankfully, I have had several opportunities to do just that in the past five years, and look forward to adding to that list in the years to come.

In my last Travel to Taste blog posting, I shared with you my Canadian favourites. Now, I’m going to go beyond the borders and share with you the delightful bites that I’ve had abroad.

Continue reading “travel to taste: around the world”