Top 10 Things That Have Made Me Smile

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Hello mes amis. It looks like I’m back into my same old habit of being MIA for months on end here at All The Amusement. For that, I am sorry. Life just has its way of getting busy, and usually the first thing to fall off my to-do list is writing. In order to get back on track, I’ve decided to do a really light-hearted ’round-up’ post of sorts to tell you about the top 10 things that have made me smile since I last wrote:  Continue reading “Top 10 Things That Have Made Me Smile”

this precious life

It is easy to get caught up in daily life, and the challenges, struggles and turmoil that sometimes accompany it. Often times you might not feel like life is the gift that you hear everyone touting about.

Sometimes, life just doesn’t seem fair.

But then, something happens. Something that jostles you back to real-life. Something that reminds you just how precious each day, each moment, really is.

That happened this week. Continue reading “this precious life”