12 heart health recipes (in a bowl)

12 Heart HealthyRecipes | alltheamusement.com

Alright, so it’s time that I actually take my heart health seriously. Having just witnessed (and been a part of) the difficult process and recovery required for a neglected heart, I need to do all I can to avoid the same fate.

I’ve been working with my mum to make balanced, properly proportioned meals since we got home this week. I want to make sure that the momentum that began at the hospital with appropriate meals doesn’t lose steam. This is so important.  Continue reading “12 heart health recipes (in a bowl)”


heart-throb | alltheamusement.com

Hearts: they’re important. Construction paper cut-outs and sparkly diamond pendants say, “I love you.” In the depths of your chest, you can feel your heart flutter with a first kiss. You can feel it break and ache with loss. Hearts feel things. It’s weird to think that not only do they have the stress of manifesting all these emotions, they also have the responsibility of keeping us alive.  Continue reading “heart-throb”

Tell All Tuesday: FitGirl

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Back in October, after returning home from Cuba 10lbs heavier than when I had left, I decided (for the millionth time) that I needed to make a change. As if by divine intervention, I saw a post on Instagram about FitGirlsGuide and their #28DayJumpStart program.

I joined the FitGirl community on October 27th. I lasted two weeks. Continue reading “Tell All Tuesday: FitGirl”

confucius says (part one)

I know it seems like I don’t sincerely mean it when I say “Sorry” over and over for not writing as often as I wish I did.

“If you were really sorry, you would do something about it,” I imagine you muttering under your breath at your screen, in the same tone that I recollect is used by disappointed lovers.

But really, I am! Life just gets so… hectic. One minute, it’s early fall and your boarding a flight to Cuba, the next minute, December is on the horizon, you’re on another healthy-living kick, you’re scraping ice off your windshield, the end of your work contract is approaching, and you see that your ex boyfriend is back in town to terrorize and take advantage of unsuspecting women.

Yeesh, I have a lot to catch you up on! Continue reading “confucius says (part one)”