One + Four = Life: Dreams, Stress, and Relaxation

one-four-life-dreams-stress-relaxation | alltheamusement.comThank goodness today is Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day; a turning point and a time of renewal as we move into the next season. This week was full of ups and downs, and I anticipate the same over the next few weeks. **Deep belly breath** Continue reading “One + Four = Life: Dreams, Stress, and Relaxation”

One + Four = Life: Scenery, Sweets, & Special People

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After the excitement of Weekends Past, this week was low-key. We had our Quinlan-Lummiss engagement celebration dinner with our families on Monday. Of course, I never seem to take pictures of the important things. After that, I was pretty much out of commission from Tuesday-Friday with work and a debilitating headache. Here’s what I did manage to capture: Continue reading “One + Four = Life: Scenery, Sweets, & Special People”

One + Four = Life: Rejuvenation, Kindness, & Spring Greens

one-four-life-summertime-yoga-kindness | alltheamusement.com1) Pants – I revived my seasonal wardrobe with an awesome pair of multi-purpose, fun patterned pants. They are soft, light cotton, and I seriously would wear them anywhere: to work, on a sailboat, for a walk, to bed. They are the most versatile and exciting  piece of clothing I have!

2) Yoga – This week has been all about yoga. Not only have I stayed on task with my 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, I also won free tickets to a “Way of the Zen Warrior” seminar by Matt Vidler, a local yogi. In addition to that, I bought my first yoga block to use in my own practice.

3) Olive Oil – My boss was in Kingston this week, and is so lovely and brought me back a little something from Kingston Olive Oil Co. Yum! I can’t wait to use it – I was almost tempted just to pour the Garlic Infused olive oil in a dipping bowl and have a bread snack!

4) Springtime Polenta – I went to the market yesterday and picked up some fresh fiddleheads and local asparagus. Last night for dinner, I did my springtime take on Fit Girls Guide’s 28 Day Jumpstart Dreamy Polenta with garlic, asparagus, fiddleheads and chicken. Let me tell you, it was delicious!

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One + Four = Life: Around Town & Celebrating Moms

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How can it be that another week has passed us by?! I know the days actually get longer as the warm weather returns, so how can it feel like time is stuck on fast-forward? I guess there’s so much more to do and see and enjoy now that we’ve come out of our winter hibernation. Here’s my week highlights:

1) FastStart – I went to my first FastStart E-Connect event on Tuesday. It’s a gathering of entrepreneurial spirited people including students, investors, business owners, and well, people just checking it out like me, I guess! I’ve always had big dreams of owning a business, so it was nice to hear some local success stories. Hearing from Paul Hickey of BrandHealth was especially inspiring because he just gets the human element of business. It was also great catching up with my University accounting professor, Jaime Morales (pictured with me above). He is a fantastic guy! God, I can’t believe I’ve been out of University five years this month! Eeek!

2) Market – The Downtown Wednesday Peterborough Farmer’s Market started up again this week, and I made it there just in the nick of time! With only 15 minutes left, Fresh Urban Plate was already packing up (I got salads yesterday morning instead), but I was able to pick up two piroshkis from Taste of Russia and got a deal because they were about to close! Score!

3) Motorcycle – My dad was off work the latter part of the week because the roof at his work caved in. Luckily, nobody was injured. The workplace misfortune was for my gain though, because I went out on his Harley with him for the first time! I loved it! I’m thinking that once I have a few dollars to spare, I should pick myself up a hog 🙂

4) Gardening – Earlier this week, I got to have a little fun putting together a New Mom Basket for my girlfriend, and for my Mister’s mom, I’m making a spiked RumChata chocolate pudding pie. For my mum though, I got to get my hands a little dirty. For Mother’s Day, I took to the gardens and tried my hand at greenthumbery (I know that’s not a word. But that’s about all I know about gardening). Hopefully it turns out beautiful!

How was your week? What did you do to celebrate the lovely ladies in your life?

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One + Four = Life : Cats, Community, and RawSpiceBar


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The only word that I can really sum up the past week with is “magical.” From Sunday to Sunday, it has almost been surreal. I’ve gotten to spend time with so many wonderful people, felt more a part of the community than I ever have before, and got a special foodie delivery in the mail!  Continue reading “One + Four = Life : Cats, Community, and RawSpiceBar”