mindfulness and carnies: a life analogy

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I’ve talked about it a lot on here: mindfulness. About how you bring into your life whatever you spend your energy thinking about. It the whole concept touted by “The Secret,” “Instructions for happiness and success,” and thousands of other self-help titles and teachings. And I believe it – truly I do! But sometimes it’s hard to maintain that positive attitude. Especially when you’re stumbling over challenges, fears, and what feels to be a million other forces that are working against you. So what do you do? Continue reading “mindfulness and carnies: a life analogy”

One + Four = Life: Stress Eating and Retail Therapy

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TGTWIFO. That stands for “Thank God This Week Is… Finally… Over.” It was spent hanging around a hospital, walking (Elizabeth, Gerrard, Bay, Elm, University, repeat), eating, and sleeping. Continue reading “One + Four = Life: Stress Eating and Retail Therapy”

stress relief in uncertain times

stress-relief-in-uncertain-times | alltheamusement.comI’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good at dealing with emotional stress. I mean, I’m really not good at it. Unlike my ability to thrive when working under pressure, emotional stress is a whole other beast that I still haven’t figured out how to tame. But this week, I’m hoping that with some active preparation, I’ll be able to hold myself together. Continue reading “stress relief in uncertain times”

christmas countdown

The older I get, the more stealthy Christmas becomes – creeping up like a ninja in the night. Then, BAM! It’s all over.

There are only a mere 9 days left until Christmas. You know, the “nine ladies dancing” day? Well, this lady isn’t quite dancing in the end-zone yet. Although my anxiety over online shopping packages not arriving before Christmas has subsided (three of four shipments have been delivered!), I’m still lagging behind on the shopping list, with both time and pennies running low. Continue reading “christmas countdown”