breaking routine

“I can’t believe my Membership Concepts and Fundamentals course starts this week.”

“Wow, winter yoga session is over already?”

“Maybe I should sign up for the Change Leadership Certificate from Cornell…”

“Or how about a PR Certificate from U of T?”

“I need to plan a trip somewhere.”

“Why haven’t I listened to a Coffee Break Español  Podcast in so long?”

“I have that ‘Quiet: The power of introverts‘ book by Susan Cain I’ve been meaning to read…”


Do you ever feel like your list of things to do is getting longer and longer and longer and time just keeps rushing by with you standing still? Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re really moving forward as the minutes turn to hours and the hours turn to days. But then you look back and think, “Wow, I’ve come really far the past year.” Continue reading “breaking routine”