woes of a breastfeeding mama

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Since we’re currently in the midst of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought that there was no time like the present to share some of my journey (struggle) on the topic.  Continue reading “woes of a breastfeeding mama”


talking through the trauma

talking-through-the-trauma | alltheamusement.comRight now, I am likely sitting in an OR Waiting Room, trying to hold myself together in the ICU, or belly breathing in a hotel room. Everyone faces challenges in their lives, and it’s so important that we know how to navigate relationships with people that have experienced a trauma. That’s what today’s Tell All Tuesday is about.  Continue reading “talking through the trauma”

advice for the heartbroken

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Today’s Tell All Tuesday post is for the struggling. It’s for those who are currently fighting to find their way and feel like they are at the bottom of the cyclical rotation of life. I’m not a guru on this kind of thing, but I have lived through many ups and downs… I’ll tell you a little bit about it and what got me through.
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today is not a birthday

Today is one of those days – a day that will be a reoccurring milestone every year which reminds me of a life gone by; of the struggles and the heartbreak I survived; of the tough decisions I made to completely alter my life’s path.

At times like this, it’s really easy to start thinking about the “what ifs” and the “if onlys.”  What if I went through with it? What if that was my only chance at motherhood? If only I never said yes – I love you – I miss you, too. If only he loved me. If only I knew from the start. If only that wasn’t the only option. What if that wasn’t the only option? Continue reading “today is not a birthday”

mental health

If you met me for the first time today, you would never guess the struggles that I have overcome to get to where I am right now. I am confident, happy, sarcastic; I enjoy a nice glass of red wine, the stinkiest of blue cheeses, and expensive lattes.

A year ago, I was a different person. I had lost myself and everything that made me me. I felt ashamed of who I was and the paths I had taken – I was pregnant, unemployed, dating someone who was unfaithful and unkind. It’s been a tough road, climbing back up from that low-point. But I did it.

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