Christmas, Unwrapped

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With the New Year on the horizon, and Christmas already in the rear-view mirror, I thought that today was the perfect day to reflect on the holiday season: what happened, what I loved, what I would like to change moving forward. This is especially fitting since outside the window lies a snowy and white landscape, and curling up in the TreeHouse with a hot cup of tea and my laptop is all I want to do. Continue reading “Christmas, Unwrapped”


dancing hearts

Happy post-Valentine’s Day wishes to you all, and I hope that you’re enjoying your Family Day long weekend (for my Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan friends). How did you celebrate love this weekend?

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So, we’re all  two-and-a-half weeks into the new year, and I’m just about two weeks into my life as a twenty-seven year old. How’s the fresh new page feeling for everyone? Are you back to your old routines yet? Those same bad habits, the same ways of thinking, eating the cake instead of the fruit, skipping the gym date yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow? Hey, we’ve all been there. I’d argue that we’re all always kind of there. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

The week of my birthday was actually pretty emotional for me. I had had a great Christmas, some time off of work, a wonderful weekend of Birthday celebrations surrounded by people I love, and a great piece (or two) of banana chocolate cake. It was perfect. Blissful. Heart-warming. But then Monday came.

Monday was my Birthday.

Monday was a work day.

Monday was a bad day.  Continue reading “twenty-seven”